BIFF 2020
6 kroków
Polen/ 2014/ 1 t. 21 min.
Bartosz Dombrowski
Anna Wydra
Punk to peasant in six moves

6 DEGREES is a road movie through different places, lifestyles and characters inspired by Milgram's "Six degrees of separation" theory, which states that every person in the world can be reached through six personal connections. Are we getting closer to each other in today's world? The crew tries to explore the chain of connections between two randomly drawn protagonists: Martyna – a young punk-rock musician from Warsaw, Poland, and Marco Antonio – a farmer from little village in Mexico.

Festival Guest: First Assistant Director Błażej Kafarski is coming to Bergen to present the film.

Free screening Sunday 25. and Monday 26. September at 18:00 both days Chillout Travel Centre – more information to be announced. The screening is part of KineDok (



Bartosz Dombrowski