BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
vestland kortfilm 2017

Western Norwegian Short Films

Vestlandsfilmer i konkurranse
Norge/ 2017/ 2 t.

For the first time BIFF presents a competition programme for films from Western Norway. The follwing films compete in the short film section of the programme.

JULIE (15)

5 min

Director: Mats Andersen, Bjørn Sortland

Producer: Bjørn Sortland, Piggsvin Film

Julie is bored alone during the summer break. She has a good relationship with her uncle Magnus, who is a photographer and is going to take her confirmation picture. She is wondering whether to ask him to take some more pictures of her - without clothes. A film about daydreaming, personal limits, identity and about being seen.



20 min

Director: Tommy Næss

Producer: Tommy Næss, Ina Lukritzia Love Borlaug, Filmselskapet

Noora is from a strict Christian family, and has started a romantic relationship with her girlfriend Siv. The family has decided that Noora is to marry Jon, an older priest. Noora has to decide between her family and Siv.



8 min

Director: Kjersti Helen Rasmussen

Producer: Njål Lambrechts, Blink Film

A shooting star falls over Svalbard. The global seed vault gets an unexpected visitor. Hunger knows no limits.



6 min

Director: Ivar Aase

Producer: Jan Inge Wiig, Aase & Wiig

When Herman (8) finds a videotape his mother doesn't want to be seen, he gains the upper hand in the family's power struggle. A dark comedy where a marriage is at stake, directed by the son in the family.



7 min

Director: Andrew Amorim

Producer: Njål Lambrechts, Blinkfilm

MØLL is a film about removing something from one's life to give room for something else; about independence, but also the fear of facing a problem head-on.



15 min

Director: Alexander Gudmestad

Producer: Jan Inge Wiig / Ivar Aase / Terez Hollo-Klausen, Aase & Wiig AS / Anna Kron Film

Carl Lange lives a quiet life alone, until a police officer accuses him of raping a minor. In a kafkaesque universe, the film explores how abuse of power can destroy one's self respect and self-image.



18 min

Director: Marianne Ulrichsen

Producer: Ragna Midtgard, Mer film

12-year-old Anna joins as a volunteer to pick up trash on a beach in Northern Norway. When she meets the older group leader Aaron, her budding sexuality is awoken and she is confronted with new feelings of physical infatuation and intense jealousy.



22 min

Director: Ane Hjort Guttu, Daisuke Kosugi

Producer: Elisabeth Kleppe, Aldeles

Art director Naoki Hayakawa works 16-hour days in a creative, neo-totalitarian advertisement agency in Tokyo. The high pressure causes a liminal state in which the boundary between reality and fantasy dissolves.