BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
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BIFF Expanded
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If you silence a journalist, you blindfold the world.

In this interactive, visceral and impactful first person journey you are transported into Iran’s most notorious prison. As a photojournalist charged with making anti-state propaganda you must answer the questioning of your interrogator and navigate the moral dilemmas that will shape your fate and that of those around you. Blindfold unveils the ever present and continually occurring human rights violations against journalists, the cost of journalistic freedom and forced confessions.

iNK Stories is an entertainment company partnered with CPJ and Center for Human Rights in Iran to create BLINDFOLD, as part of their “Verite VR” bringing real stories to impact forward platforms.


NB! This is a BIFF Expanded project which can be experienced at Visningsrommet USF. The exhibition is open from Wednesday 27 September to Wednesday 04 October between 13:00 and 20:00.

Navid Khonsari, Vassiliki Khonsari


Navid Khonsari is the founder and creative director of iNK Stories, the New York City/LA studio that Fast Company calls an “innovation agent” - where inspiration meets storytelling and technology.


Vassiliki Khonsari is a producer and director across multiple screens, including film, games, installations and virtual reality.