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Walk among the dead

DEATHTOLLS Experience is a data visualization in virtual reality that aims to re-sensitize the user to the casualties of the terrorist attacks in Europe, refugee deaths in the Mediterranean Sea, and the human cost of the Syrian civil war. The project challenges the lack of concern that results from the frequency of such news on the mass media. By walking the user through hundreds of thousands of dead bodies in photorealistic CGI scenes, the creator Ali Eslami aims to inspire an active awareness towards big data that represents massive deaths, and compassion for the people behind those numbers.

NB! This is a BIFF Expanded project which can be experienced at Visningsrommet USF. The exhibition is open from Wednesday 27 September to Wednesday 04 October between 13:00 and 20:00.

Ali Eslami (1991) is Award-winning Computer Artist and Researcher based in Tehran, Iran. He has been working with VR technology since 2014. He develops and designs VR Experiences to explore new pathway in this emerging medium. Interested in Human Perception and Cognitive Science and tries to approach them experimentally in VR. Ali has self-taught 3D for Architectural Viz since 2005 and changed his focus to other fields like Creative Coding, Data-viz, 3D art. In 2016, His project won the IDFA DocLab Award for “Best Immersive non-fiction”.