BIFF 2020

Extreme sports at BIFF

Bergen International Film Festival will for the first time screen films at the venerable Logen Theatre, and highlight the world of extreme sports.

Thursday October 24th will be the premiere of Norway's first ski film in cinemas, SUPERVENTION, with a subsequent premiere party open to all skiers and film buffs. The young filmmakers in the production company FIeld Productions has produced a long line of ski films that are considered among the best in their genre, and this fall the Norwegian cinema audience has the opportunity to see their work on the big screen. You'll meet the talents both in front of and behind the camera at Logen theatre during the festival.

The film THE CRASH REEL deals with the rivalry beween snowboarders Kevin Pearce and Shaun White culminating in Piearce's life altering crash and his long way back. In the portrait documentary MCCONKEY, one gets aquainted with adrenalin junkie Shane McConkey, a pioneer in ski base jumping.

Among other sports-related documentary films of less extreme character, we are proud to present cycling in the masterly performed MOON RIDER, where we get to know the Danish rider Rasmus Quaade and hear his thoughts on the huge sacrifices he must make towards the World Championship in Copenhagen in 2011.

Welcome to the sports cinema Logen theatre in October!