BIFF 2018: 26. september - 4. oktober

Documentary seminar

nasjonalt dokumentarseminar2


Part 1: The war in Syria and the refugee crisis on film

Saturday 30 September at 15:00–16:00, Vaskeriet

Meet the filmmakers Evgeny Afineevsky (CRIES FROM SYRIA), Alfoz Tanjour (A MEMORY IN KHAKI) and Kornél Mundruczó (JUPITERS MOON).

Open for everyone. Free entry.

Part 2: Investigative journalism in a post-fact society

Monday 02 October at 16:30–21:00, Cinemateket USF/Sardinen USF

The event will be partly in Norwegian and partly in English.

This year's theme is investigative journalism and the role of documentary in a post-fact society. With screenings of – FIGHTING AGAINST AMERICANS WAS EASIER and ALL GOVERNMENTS LIE with directors present and talks after the screenings.

Meet directors Fred Peabody (ALL GOVERNMENTS LIE) and Anders Sømme Hammer (– FIGHTING AGAINST AMERICANS WAS EASIER). There will be panel discussions and a social gathering afterwards.