BIFF 2018: 26. september - 4. oktober

Jurybegrunnelser BIFF 2017


Beste Vestlandsfilm, langfilm: MIRAKELET I MOLDOVA

Regissør: Stian Indrevoll

Produsent: Johnny Holmvåg

Juryens begrunnelse:

“The jury wants to praise a film with a distinct «fly on the wall» approach to its subject, and with a persistency in its production and structure that perfectly matches the story’s two driving forces. It goes without saying that documentaries describe harsh realities – this one too – but more important is this film’s ability to inspire and motivate the spectator, appealing as it is and does to everybody. We are happy not only for this film having been made, we are also very fond of it: Moldovan Miracle, or as the Norwegian original title: Mirakelet i Moldova, director: Stian Indrevoll, production: Flimmer Film.”

Beste Vestlandsfilm, kortfilm: JULIE (15)

Regissør: Mats Andersen, Bjørn Sortland

Juryens begrunnelse:

“The jury has considered eight films in the category "Short films from West Norway". These films have been diverse, both in theme and length. We have chosen to award a courageous and vigorous film that shows us daydreams and thoughts from a person in the crossroads of youth and adulthood. The director has shown great ability to exploit the films format.

The film takes place during summer and revolves around a girl, Julie, who's bored and alone during her school vacation. She has an uncle who is a photographer and who is supposed to take some pictures for her confirmation. Julie is considering asking her uncle to take some other pictures of her as well. Without clothes.

This is a film about daydreaming, limits, identity and about being seen.

The jury awards JULIE (15) by Mats Andersen.”

Jury Vestlandsfilm:

Åge Hoffart, distributørveteran

Håkon Skogrand, forhenværende filmrådgiver

Arne Christian Thronsen, kinoveteran

Beste norske dokumentarfilm: NOWHERE TO HIDE

Regissør: Zaradasht Ahmed

Produsent: Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas

Juryens begrunnelse:

“This year, Norwegian filmmakers have crafted compelling, creative documentaries about their own stories and are telling the world’s stories with the same artful vigour as well. NOWHERE TO HIDE distills Iraq’s political turmoil into an unflinching look at its lived consequences. By revealing one man’s determination to give voice to the silent and ignored victims surrounding him, filmmaker Zaradasht Ahmed deftly focuses the audience’s, and indeed the world’s, attention where it belongs – on the human ravages of a continuing war.”


Olivier Barbier, Wild Bunch

Myrocia Watamaniuk, Hot Docs

Emmanuel Pisarra, Doc&Film

Documentaire Extraordinaire: MAKALA

Regissør: Emmanuel Gras

Produsent: Nicolas Anthomé

Juryens begrunnelse:

“Thank you BIFF and thank you film makers.

It’s been a privilege to see all these extraordinary movies.

The quality of the films is very high this year. We feel we have been presented to some of the most interesting filmmaking. Your movies took us all the around the world.

We are happy to see to what extent today’s filmmakers can bring people who live very different lives from ours, closer to us.

This year’s winner took us on an unexpected journey – The film swept us off our feet with excellent cinematography and stunning visuals. With a dramaturgic structure which reminds us of the the great classical stories; The film is grand in it’s simplicity.

The jury was unanimous in its decision… This year’s winner of the extraordinary documentary award is


By Emanuel Gras”


David Alræk, regissør

Hans Andreas Fay, innkjøpssjef VG+

Ingvil Giske, produsent

Cinema Extraordinaire: A CIAMBRA

Regissør: Jonas Carpignano

Produsent: Jon Coplon, Paolo Carpignano, Ryan Zacarias, Gwyn Sannia, Rodrigo Texeira, Marc Schmidheiny, Christoph Daniel

Juryens begrunnelse:

“The jurors were united in their admiration for each of the 12 films presented, their variety and the incredibly high standard of film making contained within them. Each of the films, in giving us something to admire, was a worthy finalist. However, there was one film that had a heavy impact on this jury, leading to a unanimous decision. We are pleased to present the Cinema Extraordinaire Award to A CIAMBRA, directed by Jonas Carpignano. We believe this is an enormously powerful coming of age story that captures and expresses an immense truth and empathy that go far beyond the very particular story it narrates. Intimate and immersive in its form and approach, we are brought into a world rarely seen or explored on screen, one inhabited by the poor and marginalised Romani community and the African migrants. The constantly moving, verité-style camera work allows us to feel as we are amongst these characters, almost like family. Assured direction and raw and endearing performances result in a film that has an authenticity that is both tender and volatile, a juxtaposition of circumstance and emotion, which explores the question and complexities of what it means to become a man.”


Jens Lien, regissør

Aida Liliana Lipera, Cinemateket USF

Håkon Skogrand, forhenværende filmrådgiver

Årets Checkpointsfilm: RADIO KOBANI

Regissør: Reber Dosky

Produsent: Jos de Putter

Juryens begrunnelse:

"Choosing this years award for the best human rights documentary was a tough challenge. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried and we’ve been touched by every story in each of the ten movies.

Before announcing the winner, we would like to give an honorable mention to the film Plastic China. Before we announce the winner of this year, we would like to give an honorable mention to Plastic China. This film raises important questions about urgent environmental issues, the huge challenge we face to ensure the right to education for every child in the world, and the ethical problem of exporting garbage disposal. We strongly recommend everyone to watch this film.

Now, on to this year's winner.

This film spoke right to our hearts and shows a defiant people. The film is an important reminder that even in the most hopeless situations, when it seems like all humanity is gone, people are still people. Despite misery and destruction, there is still love, hope and happiness. . We get to know two courageous girls who don’t want to flee from their war ridden home in Syria – but instead help rebuild their hometown by re-establishing the radio station in Kobani.

This movie reminds us that the numbers of people dying and fleeing for their lives presented in media aren’t just numbers, but human lives.

The war in Syria is not over. It is going on right now. People want to live in peace and without fear, and we should all ask ourselves; What are we going to do about it?

The winner of the most important prize tonight is RADIO KOBANI! Congratulations!"


Lara Côrtes, førsteamauensis, Institutt for fremmedspråk / CMI

Oda Longvanes, leder av Raftos studentgruppe

Tanja Clifford, leder av Amnesty International Norge vest

Beste norske kortfilm: NO MAN IS AN ISLAND

Regissør og produsent: Ali Parandian

Juryens begrunnelse:

"The winner is a brave and ambitious film that doesn't shy away from big existential and political questions. Made in different modes, sometimes in a manner that can even be pretentious, it manages to land its many ideas elegantly, winning the audience with an authentic, humorous and spontaneous approach. A surprisingly fresh film about friendship, belonging and prejudice, and an impressively confident start for its filmmaker.

The winner is No Man is an Island, directed by Ali Parandian"


Aleksander Huser, filmkritiker

Einar Aarvig, filmkritiker

Henning Rosenlund, assisterende programsjef Tromsø IFF

Beste norske kortdokumentar: I DET FRI

Regissør og produsent: Edvard Karijord, Bendik Mondal

Juryens begrunnelse:

“We want to give one honorable mention, as there were two films that stood out for all three of us.

This goes to a film that portrays the lack of communication in a close relationship, portrayed in a humorous, tender and highly recognizable manner.

Honorable mention goes to RECONSTRUCTION / REKONSTRUKSJON, directed by Even Hafnor

And now to our winner.

An impressively confident film, which is admirably respectful in its approach to a difficult and highly emotional subject matter. With tasteful and coherent aesthetics, it gives room for both mood and thought, yet it is precise and well crafted in its storytelling. A film that addresses important issues such as mental illness, sorrow and loss, in a non-invasive, empathic and engaging way.

The winner is I’M FREE / I DET FRI by Edvard Karijord and Bendik Mondal.”


Hans Andreas Fay, innkjøpssjef, VG+

Aleksander Huser, filmkritiker

Einar Aarvig, filmkritiker

Årets Gullugle: LET THERE BE LIGHT

Regissør: Mila Aung-Thwin, Van Royko

Produsent: Bob Moore, Mila Aung-Thwin

Juryens begrunnelse:

"This year the jury evaluated a number of films that present some of the big challenges that humanity is facing.

The winner is a film that demonstrates both high quality cinematography as well as excellent research communication.

The documentary is able to present the challenges and fascinations of basic research, the realities of research management and funding, and the importance of global collaboration to tackle some of the most urgent challenges of human life on this planet.

The development from dreams to innovative research is shown through a combination of animated sequences and live footage. We learn how research into fusion energy has been a long and slow process fueled by creative minds who develop from young enthusiasts into idealist, and sometimes eccentric, researchers. Idealism collides with realism, when international partners struggle to bring a multi-billion dollar project back on track, while outsiders and garage-projects compete to win the race.

The winner is LET THERE BE LIGHT!"

Jury fra Universitetet i Bergen:

Kjell Øvre Helland, Kommunikasjonsavdelingen

Christian Jørgensen, Institutt for biologi

Sigrun Åsebø, Institutt for informasjons- og medievitenskap

Kristine Jørgensen, Institutt for lingvistiske, litterære og estetiske studier

Øystein Hauge, Institutt for kunst

Beste norske musikkvideo: SOM OM HIMMELEN REVNA – Daniel Kvammen, Lars Vaular

Regissør: Eivind Landsvik


Lars Øymo, regissør

Alexandra Bondi De Antoni, Editor i-D Germany

Nina Finnerud, Music Norway

Ungdommens dokumentarfilmpris: PLASTIC CHINA

Beste dokumentarfilm vist i årets skoleprogram, delt ut av styret i ungdomsfilmklubben HUFF.

Juryens begrunnelse:

"This year’s school program at BIFF has been full of important and educational films. With subjects like climate change, the power of media and human rights, the program has been both eventful and topical.

Some of the big problems the world faces are poverty, climate change and lack of education. The film we have chosen tackles all these subjects in a thought provoking and original way. It also shows how these themes are often linked. It’s especially thought provoking for western youth in that we see obvious effects of the consumerist society that we are a part of and are contributing to. Thanks to this film Bergen youth may be more aware of the consequences of your consumption, and how it affects other youth – and the world itself.

Congratulations to PLASTIC CHINA!"

Jury er styret i ungdomsfilmklubben HUFF: Emma Gyllander, Louise Amdam, Mathias Løvvik, Ida Gohar Fosse, Mikalina Handeland, Valdemar Nyvoll, Håvard Tvedt Bakka.