BIFF 2018: 26. september - 4. oktober

Welcome to BIFF 2018!

Bergen internasjonale filmfestival 26. september til 4. oktober 2018

We're looking forward to wishing our fantastic festival audience back to Norway's largest film festival from Wednesday 26 September to Thursday 04 October 2018!

Every year, the Bergen International Film Festival presents more than 150 documentaries and fiction films, and is with this scope the largest film festival in Norway. BIFF has a dedicated focus on documentary films, as well as a number of fiction films, Norwegian short films, a Virtual Reality exhibition and more.

Since 2000, BIFF has presented exceptional documentaries and fiction films from the world's leading festivals, and festival favourites from Sundance, SXSW and Cannes - to mention a few - are featured on the programme.

One of the popular programmes are the Prereleases, where our audience gets to see the feature films that will be screened in cinemas later this fall and winter. For the fiction fans, we highly recommend our main fiction competition programme Cinema Extraordinaire. We also screen a number of excellent international fiction films which are curated only for the festival.

For the documentary fans, our international documentary competition programme Documentaire Extraordinaire is a must. But there are many more to choose from in one of the largest documentary programmes in the Nordic countries, so check out the international documentary programme, the human rights programme Checkpoints, the climate programme Klimafestivalen, the collaboration with the city architect - Byarkitekten i Bergen, as well as science documentaries presented in Gulluglen with the University of Bergen.

But there's more - we also present a selection of Norwegian documentaries: A competition programme of premieres and a selection of documentaries which have already made an impact this year in domestic and international festivals.

We also celebrate Norwegian music videos with the music festival Vill Vill Vest and the podcast Yoda Neida. And don't miss our selection of music films!

BIFF also continues our virtual reality exhibition BIFF Expanded at Visningsrommet USF which presents projects in the intersection between film, visual arts and new technology.

Free screenings for schools is also an important part of our festival, where students from elementary schools, junior and senior high schools are invited. Last year's school programme broke the record with 32 816 visits.