BIFF 2018: 26. september - 4. oktober

Festival lounge: VASKERIET 2018



At Vaskeriet you can dive deeper into the themes at BIFF with debates, talks and social gatherings.

The festival bar is open for our audience every day during the festival, from Thursday 27 September to Thursday 04 October, from 14:00 to 20:00. Vaskeriet's age limit is 20.

Thursday 27 September

17:00 Talk about this year's human rights programme Checkpoints, in collaboration with Amnesty Student Bergen

Friday 28 September

17:00 BT invites to a conversation about KULE KURT - COWBOYEN FRA OSTERØY) (In Norwegian)

Saturday 29 September

16:00 Montages at BIFF
Film talk in collaboration with Montages (In Norwegian)

18:00 Talk: Russia and post communism (In English)
Meet the directors Vitaly Manskiy (PUTIN'S WITNESSES) and Katja Fedulova (FAITH, HOPE, LOVE)

Sunday 30 September

16:00 Panel on psychiatric care and MAKING SENSE TOGETHER. Free entry. (In Norwegian)

Monday 01 October

18:00 Talk about EN AFFÆRE
With director Henrik M. Dahlsbakken and actors (In Norwegian)

19:00 Filmquiz in collaboration with Bergen Filmklubb (In Norwegian)

Tuesday 02 October

17:00 Conversation on films with LGBT+ themes
In collaboration with FRI (In Norwegian)

Wednesday 03 October

16:30-17:30 Author talks with PEN
Nuray Yildirim interviews author Asieh Amini, featured in FORTELJINGAR OM MOT. (In Norwegian)

Thank you to Vaskeriet and our event collaborators:

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