BIFF 2020

Norwegian Short Films in Competition

Norsk kortfilm i konkurranse 2019


The following seven films are competing for the title Best Norwegian Short Film 2019. The winner will be announced at BIFF’s Award Ceremony and will receive a prize of 10.000 NOK. The films will be screened with English subtitles.

Manchador 1000x500.jpg

20 min
Director: Kaveh Tehrani
Producer: Verona Meier, Ruben Thorkildsen, Ape&Bjørn

Saeed's invention places the responsibility for hijab where it rightfully belongs – with the men whose gaze women need protection from.

manila lover 1000x500.jpg

26 min
Director: Johanna Pyykkö
Producer: Nina M. Barbosa Blad, Lotte Sandbu, Barbosa Film

While visiting the Philippines, Norwegian Lars has found the Filipina he wants to share his life with, but nothing goes according to plan.

satans barn 1000x500.jpg

23 min
Director: Thea Hvistendahl
Producer: Andrea Berentsen Ottmar, Frokost Film

Louise (11) and Maria (11) develop a close and intense friendship at a summer camp for christian girls. CHILDREN OF SATAN is a story of two young girls’ need to belong and about how their wild imaginations can have fatal consequences.

tommelfingertrikset 1000x500.jpg

8 min
Director: Ole-T. Skomsøy
Producer: Yrjan Sundfør Rodrigues, Friksjon Film

Ane invites her friends Jarle and Iris over for Friday tacos to meet her new boyfriend Chris for the first time.

wimbledon 1000x500.jpg

12 min
Director: Ernst De Geer
Producer: Lotte Sandbu, Barbosa Film

Nothing goes quite as planned when Samir goes to celebrate his son’s birthday at a bowling alley with his ex wife.

Ras 1000x500.jpg

6 min
Director: Simone Hooymans
Producer: Turid Rogne, Aldeles AS

An experimental animation about a disaster that destroys everything in its way, but from chaos emerges a glimpse of a new beginning.

Fun factory 1000x500.jpg

12 min
Director: Even Hafnor, Lisa Brooke Hansen
Producer: Verona Meier, Ape&Bjørn

A couple witnesses an argument at a play-land. They wonder if they should intervene, but the situation soon triggers underlying issues of their own.