BIFF 2020

KineDok Screening 26/11: When the War Comes + Exit (Free)


On November 26th, we invite you to see the documentaries EXIT and WHEN THE WAR COMES at Underlig, free of charge.


At first glance Peter lives the life of a typical European teenager – he lives with his parents, has a pretty girlfriend, he got into college. However, his reallife is elsewhere – as the head of a paramilitary group called “Slovenskí branci” that recruits hundreds of Slovak teenagers with the silent approval of the authorities. The group’s goal is simple – to prepare for war time and create a model community based on military drill, obedience and fear. Peter dreams that one day he will be able to convince the entire society – as a great politician.

19:30 - EXIT:

Director Karen Winther has a hard time reconciling with her past as a part of Oslo’s right and left wing movements. Through intimate conversations with former political and religious extremists, EXIT explores what makes extremists change their mindset and turn their backs on a life of hatred and violence. At the same time, the documentary also shows how these people live with the shame and life-long regret because of their past actions, and depicts their determined efforts to prevent others from going down the same path.