BIFF 2020

Norwegian Short Films in Competition

Norsk kortfilm i konkurranse

The following films are competing for the title Best Norwegian Short Film 2020. The winner will be announced at BIFF’s Award Ceremony, winning the 10.000 NOK prize. The films will be screened with English subtitles.

de berørte.jpg
13 min
Director: Rikke Gregersen
Producer: Stine Blichfeldt, Them Girls Film

Minutes before departure, a plane is prohibited from taking off when a passenger refuses to sit down in an attempt to stop one of the men on board from being deported.

23 min
Director: Kerren Lumer-Klabbers
Producer: Jeppe Wowk

In the near future, a young girl meets her donor-father for the first time. Together they go through experimental therapy exercises, in the hope of making their relation more than just a biologic fact.

15 min
Director: Brwa Vahabpour
Producer: Renée Mloydszewski, Oslo Pictures

Nine year old Bahar has recently lost her hearing. Because of the limited resources at school, she is forced to leave. This alienation becomes the beginning of a series of desperate acts, culminating in an attempt to cure herself.

14 min
Director: Halvard Harboe
Producers: Halvard Harboe, Rebekka Rognøy, Naiv Film

Narsissus is a story about a man who lives in an automated future world, where all humans are isolated in cubes surrounded by screens. In order to find his own identity, he buys a clone of himself.

25 min
Director: Marius R. Myrmel
Producer: Mari Ellefsæter, Point of View

After countless rejections from women, Hans-Petter looks to the Internet for help, only to find a dark truth that will change everything.

play schengen.jpg
15 min
Director: Gunhild Enger
Producer: Ingvild Evjemo, 4 ½

Two game designers are making a video game for kids about the EU, transforming the European Union into pixel graphics in an effort to make the Schengen Agreement exciting to young people. But is it even possible for them to succeed?