The Norwegian competition programs are launched!

Norsk dokumentar i konkurranse

BIFF is an annual meeting point and gathering place for Norwegian documentary filmmakers and short filmmakers. We’re happy to announce this year’s competition programs with 8 feature documentaries, 6 short films, 8 short documentaries, 10 short films from Western Norway and 12 music videos.

We are really looking forward to screening this year’s films to our engaged audience. This year’s program contains a few world premieres, and range several current topics. Some have already had success at international festivals, but BIFF will be the first, the best - and often the only - place in Norway to experience these stories where they belong: on the big screen.

The 2020 competition selections:


  • BLUE CODE OF SILENCE, director: Magnus Skatvold
  • A FALSE WEIGHT, director: Daisuke Kosugi
  • GUNDA, director: Viktor Kossakovsky
  • THE ART OF SIN, director: Ibrahim Mursal
  • MEET THE CENSORS, director: Håvard Fossum
  • VILLAGERS AND VAGABONDS, director: Merethe Offerdal Tveit
  • THE RADIO GUYS, director: Ingrid Ese
  • TURNING THE TIDE, director: Kieran Kolle
  • Read about the films here


  • SILENCE, director: Brwa Vahabpour
  • FRICTIONS, director: Marius R. Myrmel
  • NARCISSUS, director: Halvard Harboe
  • THE AFFECTED, director: Rikke Gregersen
  • PAPAPA, director: Kerren Lumer-Klabbers
  • PLAY SCHENGEN, director: Gunhild Enger
  • Read about the films here


  • LEIF. A FILM ABOUT SIMEN, director: Simen Braathen
  • DANGFART & I, director: Kaspar Synnevåg
  • FUCKING ADOPTED, director: Nora Nivedita Tvedt
  • JOZI DAYS, director: Tom Ringsby
  • NOCTURNAL JOURNEY, director: Mats Christian Rude Halvorsen
  • GREETINGS FROM MYANMAR, director: Sunniva Sundby, Andreas J. Riiser
  • HIJACK139, director: Sondre Johre, Joachim Berg
  • NOT IN TANZANIA, director: Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid
  • Read about the films here


  • ROCK BOTTOM, director: Syver Flem
  • TRICK OR TREAT, director: Morten Evelid
  • RIVERBED, director: Sylvelin Måkestad
  • SYMMETRY, director: Christer Steffensen
  • MOTHER'S DAY, director: Hanne Andersen
  • AQUAPHOBIA, director: Vigdis Nielsen
  • BEHNAM, director: Goran Rokolj
  • MY SIDE, director: Stefan Witts
  • DANGFART & I, director: Kaspar Synnevåg
  • HIJACK139, director: Sondre Johre, Joachim Berg
  • Read about the films here


  • BARGAINING - Bendik Finborud. Director: Bendik Finborud
  • BURN DOWN THIS ROOM - Ruben. Director: Thor Brenne
  • DANSE DU FORTSATT - Kapteinen. Director: Espen Kopreitan & Robin Haugsnes
  • HARLEY - B-Boy Myhre ft. Cezinando. Director: Håkon Hoffart
  • HERE’S THE THING - Sports Team. Director: Emilie Norenberg
  • HEY GIRL - boy pablo. Director: Eivind Landsvik
  • LEVE - Mugisho x Willy. Director: Kristoffer Nylund Grindheim
  • LIMOUSINE - Pelicat. Director: Andreas Emil Lund
  • MAYBE IN THE SUMMER - Sassy009. Director: Kenneth Karlstad
  • RIYO - Musti. Director: Galvan Mehidi
  • TENKER PÅ DEG - Gabrielle. Director: Tom Ringsby
  • THEY CAN’T STOP YOU - The Musical Slave. Director: Kristin Vollset