BIFF 2018: 26. september - 4. oktober

National documentary seminar


Welcome to the 6th annual National documentary seminar at BIFF. It's a seminar for documentarists, film students and other documentary enthusiasts. This year the focus will be on international co-production, interactive and digital storytelling and experimental script development.

Welcome to a seminar to learn, for inspiration and discussions with international speakers, colleagues and future collaborators in the documentary community.



Christopher Murray (Chile) recently won the award for most innovative film at the festival Visions du Reel in Nyon for the documentary PROPAGANDA (2014). He teaches screenwriting at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and despite his young age traveled the world with his documentary projects. PROPAGANDA, which explores the complex relationship between politicians and citizens in the Chilean election campaign in 2013, Murray coordinated a cooperation between 16 young directors. He will in his masterclass contribute with new and exciting perspectives on script development.

Erik Alexander Wilson (Norway/UK) is a film photographer educated at London Film School, and has made a name for himself through his work with critically acclaimed films as SUBMARINE, TYRANNOSAUR and THE IMPOSTER. He is director of photography on 20,000 DAYS ON EARTH, the visually striking documentary about Nick Cave. Wilson will share his experience with use of drama elements and reconstruction in documentary film.

Lise Lense-Møller (Denmark) is one of Europe's leading producers with 30 years experience in the industry. She has produced several award winning films, with special focus on the auteur-driven, creative documentaries and arthouse films with international potential. She has also taught European producers in the respected EAVE program. At BIFF she has the film 1989 (2014), a film about the politics that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall, which she will use as the basis of a master class on international co-production.

Thomas A. Østbye (Norway) is an artist and filmmaker and runs the production company Plymserafin. He works with installations, photography and film and teaches at The Norwegian Film School. At the seminar he will share his experiences working with the interactive documentary experiment 17,000 ISLANDS, that has gained much international attention. This multi platform project invites the public to explore reality models by looking at how images of a nation are created, and how documentary helps in this process. The project was nominated for the award Doclab for digital storytelling at IDFA, the largest documentary festival.

Parts of the seminar will be held in Norwegian, parts will be in English. More information about the program and registration will be posted on this page. For updates by e-mail, please contact Ingebjørg Aarhus Braseth (ingebjorg (at)

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