BIFF 2020
BIFF Expanded


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BIFF Expanded deals with the intersection between film, contemporary art and new technology


As documentaries expand from the realm of cinema and tv into the field of visual arts, BIFF Expanded highlights and celebrates the fact that visual arts and the documentary field are approaching each other at a fast pace.


This year’s BIFF Expanded covers a broad range of projects: Some of them focus on aesthetic goals as pure contemporary art projects, while others are more concerned with the audience’s choices in an interactive space. One common feature for the projects we have chosen to exhibit, is that they provide political comment on contemporary issues. These cutting edge media productions explore the expansion of film culture in an ever more rapidly changing media landscape.


The media landscape has evolved considerably in just one or two years and a paradigm shift has taken place. Consumers of culture are no longer passive agents, with no ability to intervene. On the contrary – we may now change and influence the exhibitions with the aid of interactivity, while developing a consciousness within the ”live” artwork. Just as with the gaming world, we can, within the digital art landscape, move in several directions and make choices which will influence the artwork and our understanding of it.

Opening hours, Visningsrommet USF: 13.00-21.00