BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
International documentary


USA/ 2018/ 1 t. 41 min.
Dan Reynolds, Aja Volkman, Ben McKee
Don Argott
Anton Floquet
Mormonism, suicide & rock’n’roll

Dan Reynolds is the singer and frontman for chart-topping American rock group Imagine Dragons – and a life-long devout Mormon. When suicide rates among teenage Mormons skyrocket and Reynolds is overwhelmed by letters from LGBTQ men and women who have been ostracized from their families and communities, he sees no other option than to challenge the church’s views on sexuality. BELIEVER chronicles a turbulent and inspiring year in Reynolds’ life, in which both his faith and his ties to family, friends and fans are put to the test.

Don Argott

Don Argott (USA, 1972) Selected filmography: 11/8/16 (2017), BATMAN & BILL (2017), SLOW LEARNERS (2015), AS THE PALACES BURN (2014), THE ATOMIC STATES OF AMERICA (2012), LAST DAYS HERE (2011)