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Boys Who Like Girls

Norge / Finland / India/ 2018/ 1 t. 8 min.
Ved, Aspar, Harish Sadani
Inka Achté
Inka Achté
Sari Aaltonen, Riju Dias
Liisa Karpo
Toxic masculinity and hope in modern-day India

In recent years, global media has reported one horrifying story after another about gang rapes and murders of Indian women. In BOYS WHO LIKE GIRLS we are introduced to three men who each in their own way represent an opposition to the ingrained misogyny of Indian society. Ved is a teenage boy with a violent father and an abhorrent view of women, whose views are challenged by Aspar, a young social worker Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA) – an organization started by 50 year old feminist Harish, who has fought for gender equality for 20 years.

Festival guest, Q&A: Meet Harish Sadani

Inka Achté

Inka Achté (Finland) BOYS WHO LIKE GIRLS is Achté’s first feature documentary.