BIFF 2020
Norwegian documentary - Competition
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There's Always Next Season

Norge/ 2018/ 1 t. 51 min.
Stian Tapani Gundersen, Roy Olsen, Daniel Mikkelsen, Stian Skjærvik
Carl Christian Lein Størmer
Carl Christian Lein Størmer
Carl Christian Lein Størmer
Mona Steffensen
Stand by me, on a snowboard

In 1997 the snowboarding event Arctic Open was held for the first time in Tromsø. Legend has it that a local snowboarder made a spectacular jump and that a movie was in the making. But what really happened? This is the story behind the myth, about a group of Tromsø’s forgotten snowboard heroes, told in a heartfelt and enthusiastic way by the protagonists themselves. Thus, a film about a group of complete unknowns becomes proof that everything is possible, while at the same time being a melancholic reminder that nothing lasts forever.

After the premiere of THERE’S ALWAYS NEXT SEASON Saturday 29 September there'll be a live music screening of 1997 FOREVER.

Festiva guest, Q&A: Carl Christian Lein Størmer (director), Mona Steffensen (producer)

Carl Christian Lein Størmer

Carl Christian Lein Størmer (Norway) THERE’S ALWAYS NEXT SEASON is Størmer’s first feature documentary.