BIFF 2019: 25. september - 3. oktober
Norge / 2018/ 30 min.
Tommy Næss
Tommy Næss
Solgunn Slåtto
Línt + Tommy Næss: mulm - a musical search for the core of human beings

Who are you when no-one sees you?

In nature there is a silence. A silence humanity has distanced ourselves from by altering, building and reshaping. It’s there, but we can’t see it, can’t feel it.

«mulm» is an audiovisual interplay by filmmaker Tommy Næss and the band Línt, both from Bergen, where we follow a character through different surroundings, driven by a restlessness or alienation. What is it moving from, what does it search?

As a visual journey through various environments, this film explores alien and inaccessible parts of the world we inhabit, both in nature itself and urbanised areas. Society today demands more and more adaptable citizens, and both employers and employees advertise how flexible and agile they are. What is our place in nature? What is the very core of humans, removed from external demands and attributes? 

«mulm» challenges the boundaries of film and music as media, in which the musicians are allowed equal authority over the visual elements as the filmmaker is given over the musical score. These expressions are created through a symbiotic creative process, where both continuously influence the other. Is equality between the two expressions of art even possible?

The Bergen-based filmmaker Tommy Næss received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design in New York, and started his film-making career after making music videos for Bergen based artists such as 9 Grader Nord (9 degrees north) and Audrey Horne. His short films «Brother», «Swimming Lessons» and «Noora» have all gotten international attention, and been screened at festivals such as Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Línt is a band from Bergen giving the post-rock genre new expressions. Symphonic melodies, dynamic soundscapes and vigorous walls of guitars are accompanied with electronic beats, delicate vocals and elements from trip hop, avant garde and pop. Their visual, atmospheric live shows evoke goosebumps, and have sent them to both music and film festivals, doing both regular concerts and silent movie concerts.

The piece will be set up as a short film with the live band playing in front of the screen.

Tommy Næss