BIFF 2020
Norsk kortfilm

Norwegian short films in competition

Norsk kortfilm i konkurranse 2018
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18 min

Director: Fanny Ovesen

Producer: Lotte Sandbu, Den norske filmskolen

Anarchy ensues when the young girls at a birthday party start testing the limits of how far they can go.



10 min

Director: Truls Krane Meby

Producer: Ragna Midtgard, Mer film

Syrian refugee Walid lives alone at a refugee centre in northern Norway when he one day gets a distraught phone call from his family who is fleeing through Europe. Will they be able to reunite with Walid?



25 min

Director: Ernst De Geer

Producer: Marte Hansen, Den norske filmskolen

Arvid’s ego and desire for recognition becomes a problem when his sister arrives in Sweden to perform at the concert hall where he works.



6 min

Director: Kristian Pedersen

Producer: Tonje Skar Reiersen og Lise Fearnley

An abstract reconstruction of when the atom bomb detonated over Hiroshima in 1945.



25 min

Director: Marius Myrmel

Producer: Elisa Pirir, Mer film

ARMOUR is an intimate and vulnerable portrait of a group of teenage boys where social status is everything and to be man enough is the ultimate achievement.



3 min

Director and producer: Det Sporadiske Filmkollektivet

Love isn’t easy for Nadar, but he doesn’t give up even if life gets tough. The problem is that he doesn’t see how tough he makes life for others.



17 min

Director: Brwa Vahapour

Producer: Aurora H. Bjørnhaug, Den norske filmskolen

A Kurdish family are on their way to a wedding on a cold winter’s day when they collide with a wild animal. The father Aram has to make a decision, kill the animal or try to save it?