BIFF 2020

Norwegian Music Video Competition

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Music videos+concerts!

A screening + celebration of Norwegian music videos Friday 28 September at 20:30.

In addition to the music videos there will be two mini concerts with Sofie Hamre and Derin!

FREE ENTRANCE - get your free ticket at Bergen kino.

Music video programme:

BOYS – Lars Vaular feat. Astrid S
Director: Eivind Landsvik

Director: André Chocron

EN SOM MEG – Hkeem
Director: Marius Soma

LOSING YOU – boy Pablo
Director: William Glandberger

ABSTRACT – Lil Halima
Director: Chris Helberg & Jostein Wålengen

EMBROIDERY – Hanne Hukkelberg feat. Emilie Nicolas
Director: Alam Ali

I NEED YOU HERE – anton. feat. Folly Rea
Director: Sean Cartwright

THE RIVER – Kate Havnevik
Director: Gotti Sigurdarson

Mini concert artists:

23 year old Sofie is an RnB-artist from Nordnes in Bergen. She has made an EP due this fall, with beats produces by Store P. Sofie´s lyrics centers around her own universe, a place between fantasy and reality and are personal musings of the world in and around us. She has a deep, wonderful and honest voice seldom found in Norwegian pop today. Norwegian RnB is an genre not yet properly challenged, and with lyrics in the Bergen-dialect her collaboration with Store P is a small phenomenon. Soft and sexy.

Derin is a young rapper and musician from Bergen, Norway. All his music is in English, and he tries to blend hip-hop and funk in his songs. This makes for a groovy and danceable feeling. Derin is currently working on more music and projects to release in the coming year.