BIFF 2019: 25. september - 3. oktober
Norwegian documentary
1997 FOREVER snowbilde

1997 Forever

1997 Forever
/ / 45 min.
Carl Christian Lein Størmer
Snowboard film + live music

1997 FOREVER is a snowboard odysse which has been 20 years in the making with music written specially for the 43 minutes of pure snowboard magic on screen. The music will be performed live by the band 1997 (Ariel Joshua, Ottar Tøllefsen, Lein Størmer, with friends).

But there's more: the premiere of THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT SEASON about the legendary 1997 season.

PS: Separate tickets for THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT SEASON and 1997 FOREVER.

Carl Christian Lein Størmer