BIFF 2020: 23. september - 1. oktober
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Experience the fates of children born of war

MY CHILD LEBENSBORN is a story-driven simulation game letting you experience the fates of Children Born of War. Take care of Karin or Klaus and manage the day to day tasks while helping them through the challenges of living in a hostile and abusive society. The game is based on true events.

The game MY CHILD LEBENSBORN is a story-based nurture game. It combines genre and theme in a unique way. You play as the ward of a young Lebensborn child in Norway after World War II. But parenting is hard when your child grows up in a hostile, hateful environment.

The game shows a different side to war – how hatred towards an enemy creates war victims even in peacetime. You take part in the journey of a child, going through devastating moments in his/her life. Taking the nurture genre and adapting it to a serious tone. What do you say to a child that is hated? Play through real events. Help Klaus or Karin cope with the heavy inheritance of German soldier genes in a country celebrating its freedom.

Can you make a difference?

iPad / 5 min / Norway / Teknopilot/Sarepta Studio