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A journey through a poet's connection with nature

Hans Børli spent his life working as a lumberjack in the deep forests of Norway, and expressed his life in the woods and love of nature through poetry. In BØRLI IN VR you meet Børli's poems in his universe - a clearing in the woods. The poems and moods change as evening turns into night, taking you on a journey through Børli's connection with nature.

BØRLI IN VR is a project from Hedmark Regional Library, financed by the Norwegian National Library and Hedmark fylkeskommune.
Producer: Elin Festøy, Teknopilot.
Project manager: Amund H. Steinbakken, Hedmark Fylkeskommune.
Developers: Encircle Games AS/ CEO Siw A. Hødnebø Espeland.

HTC Vive / 7 min / Norway / Teknopilot, Hedmark fylkeskommune, Encircle Games

World premiere

Presented in collaboration with Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek