BIFF 2020
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I Carry You With Me

USA / Mexico/ 2020/ 1 t. 51 min.
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Armando Espitia, Christian Vazquez, Michelle Rodríguez
Heidi Ewing
Heidi Ewing, Alan Page
Edher Campos, Heidi Ewing, Mynette Louie, Gabriela Maire
A story about cooking, illegal immigration and love against all odds

Mexico, the mid-90s: Ivan and Gerardo meet in a bar and fall head over heels in love, but frustrated at the lack of career opportunities, Ivan decides to try his luck as a chef in New York. A year later, Gerardo can not stand being apart from his boyfriend and decides to make the dangerous journey to the US himself. Juxtaposing narrative and documentary elements as it introduces us to the real-life Ivan and Gerardo of today, I CARRY YOU WITH ME is a genre-bending and beautifully shot tale of love against all odds.

Heidi Ewing

Heidi Ewing (USA) Selected filmography: ONE OF US (2017), NORMAN LEAR: JUST ANOTHER VERSION OF YOU (2016), DETROPIA (2012), JESUS CAMP (2006), THE BOYS OF BARAKA (BIFF 2005)