BIFF 2020
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Picture a Scientist

USA/ 2020/ 1 t. 35 min.
Nancy Hopkins, Raychelle Burks, Jane Willenbring
Sharon Shattuck, Ian Cheney
Emily Topper, Michael James Murray
Manette Pottle, Ian Cheney, Sharon Shattuck
Recent studies show that science discriminates against women

The world of science is notoriously dominated by men, and PICTURE A SCIENTIST shows us that this has nothing to do with any inherent difference between the sexes in intelligence or interest. Rather, the film explores the discriminatory and deeply rooted structures that are designed to keep anyone who isn’t a white man out of the field of scientific research. This equally infuriating and inspiring documentary tells the story of a handful of brave women fighting to change the system and is essential viewing for anyone interested in science.

Sharon Shattuck, Ian Cheney

Sharon Shattuck (USA), Ian Cheney (USA). Shattuck’s filmography: FROM THIS DAY FORWARD (2015). Cheney’s selected filmography: PICTURE CHARACTER (2019), THE MOST UNKNOWN (BIFF 2018), BLUESPACE (2015)