BIFF 2020
International documentary
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Feels Good Man

USA/ 2020/ 1 t. 32 min.
Arthur Jones
Giorgio Angelini, Arthur Jones, Aaron Wickenden
Giorgio Angelini, Kurt Keppeler, Guy Mossman
Giorgio Angelini, Caryn Capotosto, Aaron Wickenden
The incredible story of Pepe the frog’s journey from comic book character to symbol of white nationalism

Until 2016, Matt Furie was an obscure cartoonist more famous for memes than his actual comics. When a group of internet trolls decided to make his character Pepe into an avatar of Donald Trump and white nationalism, Furie was powerless as his work was transformed into a surreal nightmare. FEELS GOOD MAN tells the story of how the alt-right appropriation of Pepe impacted Furie’s life and how he fought to regain control of his creation. This is a fascinating and insightful film about the internet, the collective unconscious and reality.

Arthur Jones

Arthur Jones (USA) FEELS GOOD MAN is Jones’ debut as director.