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Our Oceans: A Journey of Discovery

Sør-Afrika/ 2019/ 1 t. 30 min.
Charlie Luckock
Moses Tau, Jason Boswell
Lauren van Nijkerk, Sherene Kingma, Charlie Luckock
A visually stunning journey through the undersea ecosystems we are at risk of losing forever

OUR OCEAN: A JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY follows a group of scientists, divers and photographers on an astounding journey along the South African coast. Their mission is to document the amazing diversity of life and identify the threats to these delicate ecosystems – before it’s too late. Featuring astonishing images and incredible natural phenomena, this activist documentary is a reminder of what we stand to lose if we do not stop polluting our oceans – and an inspiring example of scientists and filmmakers working together to create real changes.

Charlie Luckock

Charlie Luckock (South Africa) Filmography: THE EDGE OF EXISTENCE (2020), FAR FROM HOME (2019), NIGERIA’S LOST GENERATION (2017)