BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
International documentary
Ahead of the Curve

Ahead of the Curve

USA/ 2020/ 1 t. 38 min.
Jen Rainin, Rivkah Beth Medow
The story of the best-selling lesbian magazine ever published.

What made Curve magazine (first published in 1990 as Deneuve) ahead of its time wasn’t just the daring “lesbian” printed on the cover. Curve was filled with unapologetic images and stories that radiated community and dignity from cover to cover, quickly becoming a cornerstone of lesbian culture.

AHEAD OF THE CURVE is linking lesbian histories with contemporary viewpoint and the film moves between interviews with LGBTQ+ influencers and rich archival footage. Personal and political struggles, adventure, and community that birthed an institution are being portrayed, honoring its visionary legacy while exploring whether a groundbreaking print publication remains relevant in a digital age.

Time & place: Thursday 3 June at 18:00 in KP12 at Bergen kino. Buy tickets here.

Jen Rainin, Rivkah Beth Medow

Jen Rainin (USA). AHEAD OF THE CURVE is Jen Rainin´s first film. Rivkah Beth Medow (USA). Films: LET THEM EAT DIRT (2019), SONS OF A GUN (2008).