International documentary
The Cost of Silence

The Cost of Silence

USA/ 2020/ 1 t. 24 min.
Mark Manning
What happens to the coastline after gigantic oil spills??

To clean up the estimated 130 million gallons of oil that spilled into the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizonoil rigg over 87 days, chemical dispersants were used in unprecedented quantities, and the public was assured that they were safe. Local residents and workers almost immediately began to develop healthproblems and many are still suffering from the chemical wrongdoings.

The film’s director Mark Manning, a former deep-sea oil-field diver turned filmmaker, began his investigation into the Deepwater Horizon disaster soon after the spill began. He has uncovered disturbing evidence of coordinated efforts between the petrochemical industry and the federal government to cover up an ongoing public health disaster. As the federal government under Trump planned the world’s most extensive offshore drilling expansion, with a blanket approval of a chemical dispersant clean-up plan, the film is also relevant for the discurse of Norway’s political decisions on offshore drilling in the Arctic.

Time & place: Thursday 10 June at 18:00 in KP12 at Bergen kino. Buy tickets here.

Mark Manning

Mark Manning (USA). Films: The Road to Fallujah (2008), The Consequence of Oil (2012).