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This collaborative effort of Latvian and Norwegian photographers and anthropologists - the traveling exhibition LIFE IN MOTION - looks at and documents Latvians living in Norway and Norwegians living in Latvia. Portraits, short videos and the life stories of individuals from different social groups have all been collected as part of the project.

LIFE IN MOTION exhibition: Within the project, anthropologists looked at how people perceive their belonging to a certain culture and how they maintain it – whether they feel closer to the culture of their new residence or cling to the traditions and customs of their homeland. The photographers dealt in pure documentary photography, providing evidence of how people look, their everyday surroundings - including a refrigerator or bookshelf - their work environment, what kind of people they meet and what drinks they drink. The selection of images testifies to the in-depth approach of the authors – there is a great diversity in the lives of the selected individuals. The stance of the photographers is neutral, providing a respectful distance and subtlety.

Using the portraits of individuals and their daily life to show cultural uniqueness, and the diversity and differences in lifestyle LIFE IN MOTION presents the ways of thinking, beliefs and values of each culture to the general public of both countries.

Documentary film exchange: One of the project activities is a documentary film exchange between Latvia and Norway that will introduce viewers to traditions, culture and social issues of the other country. The selected films include Ivars Seleckis’ Crossroad trilogy CROSSROAD STREET (1988), NEW TIMES AT CROSSROAD STREET (1999) and CAPITALISM AT CROSSROAD STREET (2013), as well as DOCUMENTARIAN (Inese Klava, Ivars Zviedris, 2012) and ESCAPING RIGA (Davis Simanis Jr., 2014).

LIFE IN MOTION is a cooperation project of foundation Elm Media and BIFF.

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*The project LIFE IN MOTION is implemented with the European Economic Area (EEA) financial mechanism program LV04 “Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage” (total agreement amount 80 491,94 EUR from which 89,44% is EEA and state aid (from those 85% AAE and 15% state aid). Project number is EEZLV04/GSKA/2013/32.