Climate festival

The islands and the whales


We promise an interesting approach to climate and environmental issues from different parts of the world - China, USA, Peru, Denmark, Canada, France and the Faroe Islands - about the international climate challenges with implications for all of us.


In the Old Testament, the mountains are the domain of a monster named Behemoth. In modern-day Inner Mongolia the industry has taken the monster's place, but its effects on the surroundings still inspires terror on a biblical scale.


By the year 2050 there will be over 9 billion people on the earth, and the UN estimates that food production must increase by 70% in order to feed everyone. As a result, the UN recommends edible insects as an important resource in combatting world hunger.


DEATH BY DESIGN is a critical look at our age's addiction to consumer technology and the dire consequences of this globalized obsession.


Ever since the Faroe Islands were first settled in the 9th century, seabirds and pilot whales have been a staple of the local diet and an absolute necessity for survival. In this extraordinarily beautifully shot documentary filmmaker Mike Day portrays this traditional way of life at a time when pollution threatens to decimate the population of birds and poison the meat of the whales.


In their third wildlife documentary, directors Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud turn their attention to land animals. In this wonderful journey through time, they show us the fauna and flora of Europe from the last ice age up to the present.


Inspired by American architect, inventor and futurist Buckminster Fuller's understanding of the Earth as a vulnerable vessel with limited resources hurtling through space, Kevin McMahon's new documentary sees the director travel the world in order to determine how humanity can negotiate a sustainable relationship with the planet.


There is no shortage of prophecies and prognoses that spell doom for humanity and the earth. In their documentary, filmmakers Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent focus on solutions rather than problems as they travel the world meeting people who are redefining agriculture, energy, economy, democracy and education.


President Alan Garcia sees great opportunities for Peru's economy in the extraction of oil, gas and minerals from the Amazon. The development is quickly met with fierce resistance from locals in the rainforest areas who fear for the environmental consequences and their way of life.

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