Science & research documentaries: Gulluglen

Gulluglen 2020.jpg

The Golden Owl (Gulluglen) is the University of Bergen’s competition programme for research and science documentaries. The award was established in 2014 and is a collaboration between BIFF and the University. The winner film is awarded 25.000 NOK.

The following films are in the running for the Golden Owl 2020:

THE EDGE OF ALL WE KNOW: Scientists approach the mystery of black holes from the perspectives of physics and philosophy.

LOST IN FACE: A fascinating, informative and poetic hybrid film about face blindness, directed by a neuroscientist.

OUR OCEANS: A JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY: Join scientists on a picturesque trip along the coast of South Africa, documenting the wonderful, but threatened, ecosystems.

PICTURE A SCIENTIST: Discrimination based on gender is engrained in scientific communities. How does this affect science, and how can we change it?

ROBOLOVE: Robots are the future, but is it salvation or the end? This is a balanced look at the technological, philosophical and sociological frontline of science.

JURY: Åshild Lunde Associate Professor at Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care | Haci Akman Professor, Cultural Studies at Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion | Randi Gressgård Professor at Centre for Women's and Gender Research