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Vinneren er The Musical Slave med sangen THEY CAN'T STOP YOU, regissert av Kristin Vollset.

Hederlig omtale gikk til SASSY009s video for MAYBE IN THE SUMMER, regissert av Kenneth Karlstad og Mugisho x Willy’s video for LEVE, regissert av Kristoffer Nylund Grindheim:

Juryuttalelse Beste norske musikkvideo | Jury statement Best Norwegian Music Video:

We are very excited to be here to announce the winner for BIFF, Vill Vill Vest and Yoda Neidas Best Norwegian Music Video competition.

As you have seen this year's nominations include many strong contributions that both push the format and show that music videos can be a space both for cinematic innovation and experimentation as well as a pertinent medium for important and pressing issues.

As you can imagine it has not been easy to choose one winner, so we would like to give honorable mentions to two of the contributions before announcing our winner.

SASSY009’s video for Maybe in the Summer directed by Kenneth Karlstad is a strong and impressive contribution to the genre and includes powerful and innovative shots of female athlete culture and friendship.

Mugisho x Willy’s video for Leve directed by Kristoffer Nylund Grindheim is a timely and powerful song and video that left us all moved. A timely reminder of that systemic racism and police brutality is not an exclusively American problem.

This year's winner stands out for its unmistakable authenticity and raw energy. The video is both a call-to-arms and a slice-of-life documentary short that’s a testament to how music and creativity can strengthen communities and move people. The video elevates the clear, yet playful message of the song by capturing a local scene that feels both universal and urgent.

The winner of this year's Best Norwegian Music Video competition and the 10.000 NOK prize is The Musical Slave with They can't stop you directed by Kristin Vollset.

Årets musikkvideojury: Ingrid Haug Erstad, Bergen Assembly | Sondre Lerche, musiker | Daniel Mariblanca, Carte Blanche