BIFF 2018: 26. september - 4. oktober

Award winners


This year's award winners :

Checkpoint award: THE ACT OF KILLING

- Additional screening Wednesday 30 October 9 p.m. at the Cinemateket USF. Buy ticket.

Jury: Siri Gloppen, Henning Warloe and Eirik Boe Glambek. Read the jury's statement.

Best Norwegian Documentary: Banaz - A LOVE STORY

- Additional screening Wednesday 30 October 9:50 p.m. in MB5. Buy ticket.

Jury: Marie Sjo, Ragnhild Mølster and Christer Fasmer. The prize money of 40 000 NOK given by NRK. Read the jury's statement

Best International Documentary : THE UNKNOWN KNOWN

- Additional display Wednesday 30 October 10:25 p.m. in MB2. Buy ticket.

Jury: Aira Planting, Hans Otto Nicolayssen and Jon Raundalen. The prize money of 50 000 NOK is given by NRK. Read the jury's statement

Project support from NRK in pitch competitions:

Two series of development projects being awarded 350 000 NOK per project:



Two packages of individual documentaries, two films each being awarded 300 000 NOK per package:



Youth Documentary Award : THE HUMAN SCALE

Documentary Program for primary and secondary schools. Read the youth jury statement


The prize is a marketing package from Filmweb 75 000 NOK.

Filmweb Talent Award : MATS ANDERSEN

Best Norwegian Short Film : MONEY BACK PLEASE

Director: Even Hafnor, 10 min.

Jury statement: The award goes to a remarkably good movie, which is about social rules and boundaries. Through timely and effective storytelling, we are confronted with our own prejudices and reactions. Solid acting and observing Photo forcing the audience into the situation. The film works on several levels and is both funny, sore and embarrassed, and says something universal about fear to stand again socially undressed . Director mastered the demanding shape very well, with surprising twists and clever details in storytelling.

Jury : Lars Løge, Ina Therese Lerner Grevstad and Sigmund Elias Holm. The prize is 10 000 NOK.

Best Norwegian short documentary : DU VELGER SELV

- wide viewing Wednesday 30 October 9:50 p.m. in MB5. Buy ticket.

Jury : Marie Sjo, Ragnhild Mølster and Christer Fasmer. The prize money of 10 000 given by NRK.

Director: Kajsa Næss, 15 min.

Read the jury's statement

Scandinavia's best music video : THE KNIFE - A TOOTH FOR AN EYE

The competition program will be shown at the Landmark tonight at 21.00

Jury : Thure Soldthved Munkholm (Program Manager at CPH : PIX), Marie Limkilde (Danish director) and Embla Karidottir (photographer, director and drummer Razika). Read the jury's statement.