BIFF Expanded-konferanse

Mandag 24. oktober 10:00–16:30 | Cinemateket Bergen, USF Verftet

BIFF Expanded

BIFFs program for historiefortelling gjennom ny teknologi – BIFF Expanded – presenteres i år av OFF-Piste: VR Storytelling Lab. Årets program inneholder både en utstilling av nye virtual reality (VR)-prosjekter, intervjuer laget i VRChat og en konferanse som er gratis og åpen for alle interesserte.

Konferanse presentert av Off-Piste: VR Storytelling Lab

Mandag 24. oktober kl 10:00–16:30 | Cinemateket Bergen, USF Verftet

En konferanse som utforsker dagens landskap innenfor historiefortelling gjennom virtual reality. Det blir inspirerende presentasjoner av noen av Norges beste kreative VR-prosjekter og en praktisk orientert paneldebatt som tar for seg tilgjengelighet, økonomisk støtte og formidling av kunstformen.

Konferansen foregår på engelsk og er gratis å delta på. Påmelding her.

Arrangører: BIFF, Off-Piste: VR Storytelling Lab, Den norske filmskolen og Universitetet i Bergen.


Panel Discussion: Accessibility in XR

XR is currently perhaps the least accessible moving image technology around. Despite the surge in popularity of virtual reality during the pandemic, narrative XR experiences typically require expensive hardware and high-speed connections, and often lack even basic accessibility features such as captions. This panel explores some of the many accessibility barriers associated with immersive storytelling and provides ideas for how filmmakers and creators can build accessibility into their projects.

Case Study: As the Lillies Bloom

Based on the paintings of the Norwegian painter, Theodor Kittelsen and the mythological folktale of Nøkken. This new VR experience finds you immersed in dark murky water, exploring an mesmerising underwater world. A threat from above makes you realise you are embodying the very Nøkken and now have to face fear and defend your realm against human destruction.
Creator Ellen Lande reveals the process of bringing the Kittelsen’s Nokken to life, from ideation all the way to completion.

Panel Discussion: The XR Landscape

XR art and storytelling experiences are beginning to emerge from creators across Norway but what barriers stand in our way to establish a creative XR industry. Hear from a panel of funders, curators and producers as they discuss the current state of play and their visions for the future of XR funding, production and distribution.

Case Study: Norn – The Nine Daughters of Ran

The 9 Daughters of RAN is the first episode of the multi-platform interactive XR series "NORN & The Little Grey that Matters", which offers a fairytale about the inner conflict between Love & Fear playing out inside our minds. It is an allegorical fairytale set inside the Brain, where anatomy is mixed with Norse Mythology and the Characters are personified neurons, hormones and cognitive thoughts. Lina Reinsbakken, Founder and CEO of Norn Studio, discusses the creation of her latest VR project and her work establishing a creative immersive studio in Norway.

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