BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
A short introduction to astrophysics, balloontravelling and life as a scientist
An accomplished study of identity and the right to start a new life after committing a terrible crime
1999: The town of Crawford, Texas has 705 inhabitants and one American presidential candidate.
Up close and personal with the late film maker, artist and gardener Derek Jarman
Josh Tickell has spent more than a decade trying to find better solutions than fossil fuels
GARAGE is a tragicomedy about one man's search for intimacy in a small Irish town.
The UK discovery of the year: a subtle, sophisticated psychological drama
Giulio Andreotti was the Prime Minister of Italy seven times and ruled on and off over four decades
A charming story of a young man's attempt to procure auto parts in the Mexican countryside
Offering one of the most original and in-depth approaches by Arab cinema to the issue of terrorism
A tender and engaging road trip drama about the relationship between three disconnected souls
An uninterrupted, unheeding thriller gives a realistic edge to a frightening situation
The gripping and peculiar tale of a family of surfers who lived their life outside of society
An actress is popular with Amsterdam's cultural elite – but will it last? A Dutch feel-good film
The perils of climate change also lead to new possibilities, but sovereignity issues must be solved
Hip-hop star Emmanuel Jal returns to his native Sudan where he once served as a child soldier