BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
"To kiss each other any time - Anywhere - Now I’m so happy - I got you - Back in my life - It’s so fine"
Israel's biggest problem isn't rockets from Gaza, but Palestinian non-violent tactics
The inmates have taken over the prison. A lone prison guard is locked in cell 211
John meets the woman of his dreams. Then he meets her son…
A picturesque postapocalyptic, incestuous ménage à trois
While the rich are supersizing their BigMac menus hunger haunts millions across the world


A short and intense film about death and the life that goes before it


Intense and unpleasantly realistic prison drama from Denmark
Ben Affleck continues to impress in the director's chair with this strong crime drama


A personal doc about family secrets and the military junta's atrocities in Paraguay during the 80's
"The moment when one thing turns into another is the most beautiful thing" - Vik Muniz